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Alexandra's Powerhouse Hit: 'I'm Not Good At This Anymore' Captivates the Masses!

Credit - Lobo Rivera Photography

Alexandra is shooting for the big leagues with her latest single, ‘I’m Not Good At This Anymore.’ It’s indie, it's pop, it's got some rocking undertones and it’s full of big sounds that push the melody into your psyche. You won't have this song out of your head in a flash. The vocals shine against the instrumental — guitar drums and bass, your classic setup. But that’s all this song needed because the shining factor is that vocal power. The harmonies glow, the chorus blares like a spotlight over the sunset strip, calling you closer, reeling you in. Soon the fight is futile, and you give in to the beat, the catchy rhythm and that silken siren song.

‘I’m Not Good At This Anymore’ is a bold track that proves Alexandra has the sound to push into the limelight. It's full of soul and wonderful textures, full of body and amazing lyrics. A track to remember, and a track to fall in love with. Sometimes music just gets you.


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