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Ann Marie Nacchio's 'Tell Me Something': A Stirring Folk Ballad Journey

Credit - Ted Maniatakos

The blissful vocal tones that come from Ann Marie Nacchio’s ‘Tell Me Something’ are otherworldly. They spring from the instrumental with such power and passion, but they never break their form. They keep tight, keep balanced, and hit harmonies that blindside you, keeping you listening, keeping the song wondrous. It’s a folk song, but it sits down like a ballad, slowly standing as the song goes on. The bridge gives us a soulful guitar solo played on an acoustic. It climbs and falls, it’s picturesque. It delivers us emotionally ready for the finale. But nothing can prepare you for the kind of performance that Ann Marie Nacchio delivers.

‘Tell Me Something’ begins like a slow folk song but takes on so much more body as it goes. There is an emotional depth and profound storytelling aspect to the song. It’s a quality you can feel, a quality that you can’t fake. Ann Marie Nacchio is giving music her all, and it shows. ‘Tell Me Something’ is heartbreaking in its beauty.


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