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Ari Joshua's 'Eyes of the World' - A Star-studded Tribute to a Timeless Classic

Ari Joshua, backed by a phenomenal all-star cast of musicians, delivers a standout rendition of 'Eyes of the World.' This homage to the timeless classic penned by the iconic duo, Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, provides fans with an exhilarating new perspective. The recording, held at the revered Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, is fittingly released in conjunction with the farewell tour of Dead and Company, which has been mesmerizing audiences nationwide.

The lineup assembled for this extraordinary session is nothing short of exceptional. Drummer John Kimock, recognized for his original work and his valuable contributions to the tours of Dead and Co bassist Otiel Burbridge and Phish bassist Mike Gordon, lends his undeniable energy to the record. His presence in the jamband scene over the past decade has been noteworthy, to say the least. Complementing him is the acclaimed NYC bassist Andy Hess, best known for his work with Gov't Mule, The Black Crowes, and a host of other prominent outfits. His bass work injects an incredible depth into the music, grounding it with a firm foundation. Rounding out the ensemble is the international touring keyboardist Eden Ladin, a fixture among New York's top-tier musicians, who's lauded for his remarkable skills and genuine musical expression.

Ari Joshua, the lead of this stellar ensemble, is a master guitarist with an intriguing backstory. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in America, Ari infuses this project with his distinctive talent and insightful musical vision. A graduate of The New School in NYC, Ari's extensive collaboration history with the music industry's heavyweights is reflective in this recording. With the pandemic serving as a catalyst, Ari made the commendable decision to share his repository of recordings with the world, and this outstanding tribute is a testament to that resolution. Ari is also the creative mind behind The Music Factory, a music education hub celebrating its 15th anniversary.

'Eyes of the World' is not just a tribute. It's an unforgettable auditory experience that brings together an all-star ensemble under the leadership of Ari Joshua. This reinterpretation encapsulates the quintessential spirit of the classic while infusing it with a vibrant, fresh energy that will surely captivate both Deadheads and music enthusiasts alike. Keep your eyes (and ears) open for this release. You won't want to miss it.



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