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ARSTIDIR - Bringing Back The Feel - LATEST RELEASE


Bringing Back The Feel

Reykjavík, Iceland

Árstíðir, hailing from Iceland's Reykjavík is back with their latest single and video release for 'Bringin Back The Feel'. The eclectic trio have been working hard to bring a fresh sound into the start of 2023, one that I'm excited to hear more about!

'Bringing Back The Feel' as implied by its title is a song that will enhance the cheeky side of everybody's personality through its contagious foot stomping and whistle-blowing soundwaves.

The video and the song have been crafted to the highest standards. An instant uplift of string instrumentation offers a cinematic and captivating opening alongside perfectly synchronized visuals.

A very relaxing and hypnotic song in its entirety merges psychedelic tones that are similar to Harry Styles with indie folk and pop to lift this song to new levels. This is a song that I will listen to time and time again for its natural feel and ease of listening. What a gem of a song! - TAMARA JENNA

The foundation of Árstíðir's music is the undeniable chemistry between its members, Daníel, Gunnar & Ragnar. Bringing experimentalism and pop chorus' is something that will have you hooked - line and sinker. On that note, the video is a whole load of fun, giving listeners an insight into some of the scenery of Iceland. So, take the bait, don't wait, click play on the video above and enjoy!


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