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When indie rock pulls out a heavy hitter, I’m still surprised. Indie feels like true music, created by the people for themselves as a form of expression. When I catch a song from the ether that feels that way, it gives me shivers. And I got such a set of shivers from Atomic Bronco’s latest single, ‘Fly Away.’ It's a subtle track, with smooth guitar that dances atop the soul. The vocals flow like morning mist, seeping their way through the soft percussion and over the hearty bass lines. The chorus is a show of brilliance: bright lights fade and draw across a crowd of onlookers as Atomic Bronco sends them soaring with harmonic vocals and blissful guitar work.

It's simple, indie rock. The formula is as such. Take an idea, and run with it. Done. If it involves guitar and a singer who is there in the moment — that’s indie rock in my book. But to do it so right still takes tremendous skill. Thankfully that’s exactly what ‘Fly Away’ has; Atomic Bronco’s tremendous skill.



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