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ATTIC THEORY Releases Powerful New Single "Dare To Dream"

Liverpool-based award-winning rock band Attic Theory returns with their motivational anthem "Dare To Dream," a powerful track from their debut album, inspiring resilience and the pursuit of dreams.


Award-winning rock band Attic Theory is back with a new single, "Dare To Dream," which was released on June 11, 2024. This track, taken from their debut album "What We Fear The Most," delivers a motivational message of hope and resilience, encouraging listeners to overcome adversity and pursue their dreams fearlessly.

About Attic Theory

Attic Theory, known for their unique blend of Alternative Groove Rock, is led by frontman Lewis Wright, whose commanding vocals are complemented by the dynamic guitar duo of Tim Cunningham and Matt Lawler, the rhythmic prowess of drummer Norm Walker, and the newest addition, bassist Lucy Ellen. Together, they create a sound that is exhilarating and soul-stirring, blending elements of alternative rock and grunge with a modern edge.

About "Dare To Dream"

"Dare To Dream" is more than just a song for Attic Theory; it represents a personal journey of perseverance for frontman Lewis Wright. During a challenging period in his life, Wright faced throat surgery but refused to let setbacks define him or hinder the completion of their debut album. "The track reflects my determination to rise above adversity and encourages others to do the same," Wright shares.

This powerful and emotionally charged song serves as a rallying cry for hope and resilience, inspiring listeners to overcome obstacles and fearlessly chase their dreams. With its anthemic sound and uplifting lyrics, "Dare To Dream" is a testament to Attic Theory's ability to deliver empowering music.

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Recording and Production

"Dare To Dream" is part of Attic Theory's debut album, "What We Fear The Most," a collection of raw and honest songs that explore themes of loss, heartbreak, and life's struggles. The album has achieved remarkable success, reaching number 165 on the iTunes UK top 200 mainstream chart and peaking at number 17 in the iTunes UK top 20 alternative album charts.

Attic Theory’s debut album, ‘WHAT WE FEAR THE MOST’ is OUT NOW! Released via the band's own label ’ThunderGun Records‘, distributed by Nova Music Distribution UK LTD and available on all major music streaming services, CD, and vinyl.


"Dare To Dream" is a testament to Attic Theory's dedication to creating music that inspires and uplifts. This single is set to resonate deeply with fans worldwide, offering a powerful message of resilience and hope.



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