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AUXR - Plastic Love


Plastic Love

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Credit - Romina Pirani, William Richards

AUXR is blending hip-hop with euro disco to great effect. Throwing in bouts of jazz, elements of funk and winding a smooth melody through it all, their latest single, ‘Plastic Love,’ is a smashing track full of embracing textures and sultry attitudes. The vocals come through strong and warm, they kick it in the back and keep it cool, sifting through the smoke in the club, glittering in the orange light. Provided by Stína Ágústsdóttir, they add the human element to the track. They keep the song flowing through twists and turns in the bass. The percussion is soft, massive. It takes up all the space it needs, creating a bed for the mids to roll around on. Bass, keys, brass tones and synths all make an appearance to turn what could have been a generic hip-hop track, into something magical.

AUXR’s ‘Plastic Love’ is a new form of music. The genre hasn’t been founded yet. It’s smooth, tonal, full of blues and jazz; but it feels new, current. Plastic Jazz. Shockingly brilliant from start to finish.



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