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AVRESA - Follow Through


Follow Through

Sydney, Australia

Mixing indie rock, alternative tones, and futuristic vibes all together can produce some groundbreaking music. As evidenced by Avresa’s latest single, ‘Follow Through.’ It's a love song, of sorts, one that rides the line between metaphorical and literal. You can decide what the song is really about. Is it about another human? A love now lost? A planet dying? Or a new home amongst the stars? Whichever meaning you derive from the lyrics, there’s no arguing over how good they are. They blast through the track, powered by a hearty and clean vocal. Guitars in the back scale and shift with the bass, a glass layer of sound that shatters over the chorus and its explosive percussion. The song comes alive, burning bright, thrusters set to maximum.

Avresa is showing us what he can do. This sound, this future rock, feels somehow classic. It feels like we’ve been here before in some alternate reality. Well in this one, Avresa is only just getting started. And with, no doubt, more tunes like ‘Follow Through’ on the way, I am one excited music lover.



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