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BAAJ & BAAJ - I Can't Think


I Can't Think

Cognac, France

Credit -

New wave takes its root sound from the greats of the 80s. It's that nostalgia paired with future synth that calls out to its ever-growing fanbase and gets them hooked on arpeggiated synths and deep splashing bass drums. If you want to jump into new wave and synth-pop, then I can’t think of a better place to start than Baaj & Baaj, and his single, ‘I Can’t Think.’ It's got that 80s vibe. The vocals soar amongst the clouds, crisp and light, full of melody. They swing between layers of percussion and synth tones, pads making up the chorus section, and the chords of the song seemingly appearing from thin air. It's a little dark, a little funky, and absolutely enthralling. When the melody kicks in you can’t pull away, it grabs you with that nostalgia but keeps you hooked with tones from the future.

Baaj & Baaj is doing massive work in his chosen genre. Soon I believe he will be one of the big names in the space, famed for his creativity and ingenuity. ‘I Can’t Think’ is bright, and oh-so brilliant.



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