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Cleveland, United States




#DiscoDreams is a solo music producer from Ohio who has made it his mission to spread his love of music with the collaboration of his visual art. His philosophy is to remind people to live in the moment, carefree. 'Cryptic [K]night is his second release following his first album, Mystic Daze. After hearing his latest release, I decided to grab #DiscoDreams for a little chat to discuss his latest movements and to get the juicey bits surrounding the inspiration behind the let's go backstage for a minute or two to see what the story is behind the star!




Hey, it's great to have you! Firstly, I want to ask how did you create Cryptic [K]night? What sparked the creation?

I just wanted to make something that was very easy to listen to and pleasant to the ears. I just felt like I needed some more feel-good happiness and this is what my mind came up with. I used my keyboard, electric guitar, synths and drumpad for this track. I like to use my vocals as lyrics yet some what of an instrument for layering in this song.

Why do you feel that this track best represents your album (Mystic Daze)?

Well this is actually the first single after my debut album, Mystic Daze. I think there are some similarities, but I think this track shows a step I have taken to build my sound by making the clarity of everything more crisp and cleaner.

How long have you been producing for?

I have been producing for 2 1/2 years now. As soon as lockdown happened in 2020 I found my new obsession!

How long did it take you to really find your sound as an artist?

It took me a whole year at least to discover what I actually wanted to do instead of just learning the computer softwares and instruments. Always open for change, but I really enjoy incorporating my vocals into most projects.

How long did it take for you to produce Cryptic [K]night? from start to release? Was it smooth or were there some bumps in the road?

It took me about 3-4 months to produce Cryptic [K]night. My creative process always starts out smooth and ends smooth. But, most the time there's this strange bump on the middle where I have to force myself to obsessively figure out how to glue the entire track before the mixing process.

What does Cryptic [K]night represent and what do you want listeners to take away from the track?

This track represents happiness. Or ignoring major problems and anxiety in life to force yourself to be happy and be in the moment.

What can we look forward to from you next? Any upcoming shows or further releases this year?

I have another single, Ether Swamp, coming out August 13th. It is very bass heavy and very dancy! I am very excited to release more art and play at as many places I possibly can around my hometown in Cleveland this year.


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