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We Will Overcome

London, United Kingdom

The 'Barking Poets' shine in every one of their tracks, and ‘We Will Overcome’ is no different. Taking classic hard rock and pairing it with the contemporary indie sound, the Barking Poets have carved themselves a niche in the soundscape, one in which they can sing to their hearts’ content about political and economical strife, the horrors of the every day and, such is the subject of this song, the silver lining of it all. ‘We Will Overcome’ is an uplifting medley of rock, pop and stadium sounds. The feeling is positive, the song is fast and the rock is rolling. The Barking Poets are pushing out new music all the time, ‘We Will Overcome’ feels like their mantra, keep on rocking Poets, we’re listening.

The song begins with some rock static, setting the vibe, you know it's gonna be a belter once the feedback hits you, the nostalgia fills your bones and your head starts to get into the beat. The drums pound it out and the bass follows up. When the melody catches its classic Barking Poets, gritty and melodic, the vocal section paves the way for the instrumental to follow. One smashing chorus and melter of a solo later, and you’ve got an indie rock powerhouse on your hands.


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