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Black River Ghost Releases 'Strawberry Sky,' a Summer Lullaby That Unites Finnish Folk and American

Members of Black River Ghost in a Helsinki studio, immersed in the creation of their latest single, 'Strawberry Sky.

The Genesis of Black River Ghost

A fateful night in Helsinki, Finland, sparked the creation of a unique musical experience called Black River Ghost. The original members—Pekko Mantzin, Bryan Ugartechea, and Sirpa Immonen—were initially part of the punk band Daggerplay. But after a night jamming with acoustic instruments, it became clear they had stumbled upon something truly special. Eventually, they were joined by Perttu Kesäniemi, Juhis Grönlund, and Rudy Laakso, and thus, Black River Ghost was born.

A Fusion of Folk and Spirituality

What happens when Finnish folklore meets the caressing winds of the American Appalachian mountains? You get Black River Ghost. The band's music is a unique blend of the rough, the spiritual, and the beautiful, inspired by greats like Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash among others. It's a sound that promises to resonate with fans of country, folk, and even gospel music.

The Latest Release: "Strawberry Sky"

Their most recent single, "Strawberry Sky," was released on August 11, 2023. This summer lullaby, with music by Pekko Mantzin and arrangements by the band, was produced by Bjarki Kaikumo and Pekko Mantzin. The track, like all their music, bears the hallmarks of the group's unique blend of influences, from Finnish folk tales to Appalachian musical traditions.

Members of Black River Ghost Cover Art of their latest single, 'Strawberry Sky.

Creative Collaboration

The production and recording of "Strawberry Sky" involved the collective efforts of the entire band along with producer/multi-instrumentalist Bjarki Kaikumo. Recorded and mixed by Bjarki, the song was mastered by Pekka 'Splendid' Laine at East Sound Studios in Helsinki, Finland. It's the first of many tracks set to come from their ongoing collaboration.

What’s Next for Black River Ghost?

After their first successful EP, "Blues, Leave My Heart," the band has begun work on more tracks, promising more tunes that encapsulate their signature sound. If "Strawberry Sky" is any indication, fans have much to look forward to.

🎙️ Artist Quote: "We're not just a band; we're an experience that combines the mystical tales of Finland with the soul of American folk." - Pekko Mantzin

The band has already captured hearts with its unique blend of cultural and musical influences, and it’s clear that Black River Ghost is a name we'll be hearing a lot more of in the years to come.


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