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Blake Havard's 'Make it Right': A Sonic Fusion of Classic & Contemporary Rock

Blake Havard’s single ‘Make it Right’ is a perfect example of what contemporary rock can be if it takes note of the old stuff, packs it into the background and innovates up front. The single shimmers in its own spotlight of blues, classic rock and 90s twang without giving up everything we know and love about indie music, the passion and the risks. The start of the song bounds up with a big old smile on its face, the rounded bass line cuts under the guitars, giving the whole song a warmth that coats the skin like a honey glaze. Comfortable and drifting on a cloud of blues, the chorus comes along to give us everything it’s got. And it’s got a lot.

The light that emanates from the soul of this single is enough to stand my hair on end and blind my eyes like I’m staring at a rock’n’roll sun. It’s a single full of radiant bliss and one that will stay with me for a long time. Blake Havard knows his stuff and he knows it well. ‘Make it Right’ is a contemporary classic and one that you should wrap your ears around once at the very least. It’s not often that songs make you feel a kinda way, but that’s just the magic of Blake Havard. This song sinks into you and welcomes in a new wave of bliss.



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