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Blaze Velluto Collection Sets Love on Fire with New Single 'Baby'

The Blaze Velluto Collection's newest single, 'Baby (You Set My Love on Fire Everyday),' is a heartening blend of timeless folk rock and country, expressing a beautiful love story that spans two decades. The song, second on their third LP 'What's on Your Mind?,' is a nostalgic yet fresh ode to Blaze's life partner, Little Miss Roy, who lends her vocals to the track.

This Quebec City-based band, known for their genre-blending style, again delivers a captivating blend of rock n' roll, folk, country, pop, and R&B, draped in a warm psychedelic spirit. This fusion of styles is mirrored in the band's distinctive visual identity, with music videos that stretch the boundaries of imagination.

Since their debut album 'Weatherman' in 2017, the band has enthralled audiences, recreating a vibrant coastal American summer feel in their performances. The core group of musicians, including Little Miss Roy, Sheenah Ko, Guillaume Chiasson, and Jean-Étienne Collin-Marcoux, lends depth to the band's diverse soundscape. Blaze's tradition of including a wide artistic community in his album productions continues to yield rewarding results.

'Baby (You Set My Love on Fire Everyday)' promises a rich taste of 'What's on Your Mind?,' setting high expectations for the album release this fall.



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