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A Chronograph of Society: Blindness & Light's 'My Rolex Is Better Than Yours'

Cover of Blindness & Light's single 'My Rolex Is Better Than Yours'
Cover of Blindness & Light's single 'My Rolex Is Better Than Yours'

Review: "My Rolex Is Better Than Yours" by Blindness & Light

In the vast nature of this universe, we all have our interests, societal norms and psychological differences. In their latest track, "My Rolex Is Better Than Yours," Blindness & Light have managed to transcend the conventional boundaries of music to offer a searing critique of modern societal values. Offering a profound commentary wrapped in the cloak of Dystopian Indie Electronica, Colin M Potter's expertise in digital music creation shines brightly in this track. The composition, primarily conceived on a laptop, is a masterclass in blending electronic elements with a palpable indie essence. The production by Tony Denmade brings a polished yet raw energy to the piece, capturing the essence of the band’s signature avant-garde sound. The end result? A track that oscillates between haunting electronic rhythms and a more traditional indie rock vibe.

What really sets "My Rolex Is Better Than Yours" apart is its lyrical depth, vocal delivery and overall sound quality. In terms of wording, the inspiration was drawn from a real-life altercation over luxury watches in a North Wales pub. This narrative crafts a vivid picture of contemporary egotism and materialism, making the song relatable yet thought-provoking producing a clever juxtaposition of the mundane and the profound to paint the picture of a society obsessed with status symbols.

The vocal delivery in "My Rolex Is Better Than Yours" adds an extra layer of depth to the track. Just like their theme, the robotic vocal samples highlight the robotic sheep-like behaviour of Society, emphasising the shallow materialistic nature of Modern Western Society.

Promo Art:  Blindness & Light's single 'My Rolex Is Better Than Yours'
Promo Art: Blindness & Light's single 'My Rolex Is Better Than Yours'

Regarding its production, the blend of on-site laptop composition and studio refinement is impeccable. The use of AI for mastering adds a contemporary edge, aligning with the band's ethos of blending traditional and modern techniques. The sound quality is crisp, allowing each element to shine without overshadowing the others.

There's nothing I love more than art that makes me sit and truly think about its message. The philosophical implications, the concepts and the auditory value here are great. I really enjoyed listening to it. From the blend of electronic experimentalism to its embodiment of synth rock there really was a lot to explore. It's a universe within a universe.

So, the overall verdict? "My Rolex Is Better Than Yours" is a bold statement from Blindness & Light. It challenges listeners to reflect on their own values and the societal norms that we often take for granted... and the band's ability to turn a seemingly trivial pub argument into a profound social commentary is nothing short of remarkable.

Again, Blindness & Light provide a blinding beacon for us all to address.

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