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BLOODLIN3 - Panic Attack (feat. Young Collage) - SINGLE REVIEW


Panic Attack (feat. Young Collage)

El Paso, TX./Paducah, KY, United States

BLOODLIN3 are back with their second single entitled 'Panic Attack'. The release comes with a bang following the recent success of their debut track 'Execution Day'. In fact, you can catch what one of our team thought of it here.

'Panic Attack' features fellow artist 'Young Collage' and also offers an amazing music video for us to watch! The lyrics of this piece refer to making others in the music industry feel nervous as the group aims to soar into domination.

Haunting vocal chop rides throughout the production bring a dark eeriness to the production. This works wonders when combined with the scatters of trap beats, claps and cinematic strings. The vocals can be likened to nothing that I have ever heard before! The track packs so many different flows, tempos and styles within one short production. The lyrics are skilfully put together to tell the story of a pact, a pledge if you will dominate. BLOODLIN3 certainly have the skill and fight to do so.

I'm sold, BLOODLIN3 have made our centre stage with this release - no questions. - TAMARA JENNA

Horror movie fan? Check out the video below for some tricks and a treat!


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