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BLOODLIN3 - Where Did All My Homies Go - LATEST RELEASE


Where Did All My Homies Go

El Paso, TX./Paducah, KY., United States

BLOODLIN3 makes their third appearance over at TJPL NEWS with their latest single release entitled ‘Where Did All My Homies Go’. After winning us over with their previous two releases ‘Execution Day’ and ‘Panic Attack’ it was time for us to jump at this latest instalment from these brothers.

Upon listening to ‘Where Did All My Homies Go’ I was taken aback by the new direction of the group – this song is truly different to the aggressive and punchy execution of their previous two releases. Showcasing that they can do both, BLOODLIN3 have switched into an old school 90s hip-hop feel to create a trip down memory lane as they share their journey. Vocal chops, woodblocks, bell synths, a reverbed percussion. There’s an air of 00s Nelly within the hook and second verse by Mallachi.

It’s almost a modern Pretty Ricky with the Old School feel of Nelly.


The song is a personal one for the group, one that addresses loss or the near loss of loved ones – something that unites everybody across the globe no matter your location.



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