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"Bom Bom" by Marc Antony: A Nod to Clean Bandit with a Twist of Originality

Marc Antony "Bom Bom" single cover

We all know that the landscape of electronic pop, is becoming increasingly accessible, with art becoming more and more determined by AI. It's a strange yet intriguing phenomenon, one where it has become common for artists to wear their influences on their sleeves, creating tracks that have the potential to hit Number 1 without even crediting the artist or the artist even knowing. Marc Antony's latest single, "Bom Bom," uses his influences but with a unique flair that sets it apart.

This UK-based producer and DJ who is known for his eclectic range of dance and pop music, delivers a track that's irresistibly catchy and unmistakably influenced by Clean Bandit, particularly their hit "Rockabye."

A Familiar Chord Progression with a Fresh Take

The chord progression in "Bom Bom" unmistakably echoes that of "Rockabye," the chart-topping hit by Sean Paul, Anne-Marie, and Clean Bandit. But rather than merely replicating the sound, Marc Antony infuses it with his own elements, making the track feel like a remix production with a life of its own. New lyrics and female vocals add layers to the song, along with added melodies to give it a distinct identity.

Marc Antony

More Than Just a Remix

While "Bom Bom" may initially come across as a remix, it's clear that Marc Antony has added his own creative touches. Whether it's the subtle variations in the beat or the nuances in the vocal delivery, these elements elevate the track from a mere rehash to something moreᅳsomething uniquely Marc Antony.

The Clean Bandit Influence: A Springboard, Not a Crutch

It's one thing to be inspired by another artist; it's another to use that inspiration as a springboard for your own creativity. Marc Antony does just that with "Bom Bom." The Clean Bandit influence serves as a foundation upon which he builds, rather than a crutch to lean on.

As this artist continues to build his craft, I look forward to hearing more!

Genre: Electronic Pop, Commercial Vocal Dance

Mood: Catchy, Upbeat

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