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Dopamine Mind

Aarhus, Denmark

Credit - Jonas Mikkelsen

BREGN has been on my radar for a while as I continue to scout for new music to showcase. The Denmark-based mixed rock artist brings something of a dark concept to our findings this week. His freshly released single ‘Dopamine Mind’ came out only just today, marking a song that addresses an addictive yet natural substance that we all create within our brains. Yes, you guessed it – DOPAMINE.

‘Dopamine Mind’ acts as a gentle reminder to all of us in the modern age. Making the statement that we have a choice and the freedom to break free of technology and be present with the people around us, this song is one with depth to its lyrical abilities.

Making a metaphoric link between the smartphone and dopamine levels, the conclusion seems to be something unexpected – a revelation that the root of addiction is actually planted elsewhere. Philosophically, to be Aristotelian about things, the nature of a phone is to be a phone – it just is and it does what it has been created to do.

Through ‘Dopamine Mind’ BREGN sets out to reset his mind and restart life with a new focus in a mix of experimental indie rock. Keys, shaker percussion, catchy basslines and riffs form along with a completely free and ethereal vocal making this a release to highlight!

I love the depth within the lyrics of ‘Dopamine Mind’, the experimentalism and the thought-provoking expression of all instrumentation involved. BREGN is certainly an artist to look out for! – TAMARA JENNA


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