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Brothers Arm's 'Lilithing': A Synth-Powered Journey into the Future

‘Lilithing’ from Brothers Arm is a fantastical look into the synth space through the lens of synthetic drums and 8-bit textures. The song has shoegaze on the mind. It takes the comfy couch and gets a melody on the go. The beat kicks in nice and low, finding the bass along the way and taking it up for the ride. The synths in the mid develop a language right before your eyes. They converse in the melody, adding masses of texture and depth and creating a rhythm that shifts and sweetens. The vocal hits those sweet spots as they peak, nailing harmonies but never straining for anything. There is a chorus that will blow you away, an instrumental that will keep you fascinated for days, and a switch in the middle you will never see coming.

Brothers Arm has found a cure for the past. It’s called the future, and ‘Lilithing’ will take you there.



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