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BUTTERFLY HAUS - Masters And Experts (Feat. Audie O.P.M.) - LATEST RELEASE


Masters And Experts (Feat. Audie O.P.M.)

Brooklyn, United States

Butterfly Haus (music formerly made under the moniker "SAZE") released his latest single ‘Masters And Experts’ along with a feature from Audie O.P.M. on December 15th.

The mastermind behind the creation of Butterfly Haus is the Brooklyn-based indie-alternative New Jersey-born Nigerian-American producer, songwriter and recording artist Osaze Akerejah. That’s a lot to get your head around right? – All the markings of a true genius of art.

Taking influence from an array of artists, Butterfly Haus primarily takes influence from the likes of Kate Bush to Jay-Z which sees into the alchemy of his sound. From indie rock, alternative pop, hip-hop and elements of the 70s new wave, ‘Masters And Experts’ is exactly what it suggests.

The video sets the scene for a cinematic experience – full of idents and wide-screen effects. The main takeaway from the overall production (audio and visuals) is pure freedom of expression and the exploration of self. Throughout the video, we see a collection of people as they explore their identity through an art form. As the video develops we see the transition into the human connection.

I think that this song is one that is not only relatable in lyrical content but also jumps into a realm of freedom, exploration and artistic existentialism.


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