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Carson Ferris's 'Crazy' - A Stellar Foray into Hard Pop

‘Crazy’ from Carson Ferris marks his break into the new world of hard pop. That place where pop picks up some grit from rock, adds some low synths, some breakaway layers in the chorus, and really ramps it up for the big finish. ‘Crazy,’ as usual from Carson Ferris, showcases a melody that will stick with you for months if not years. Its beats are solid and refined and coupled with the power behind the vocals, there is no stopping this track. It grabs you with great harmonies, but it keeps you there with the grit in the back. It’s that pumping synth, it’s those na na na’s and for me it’s the break. It picks up the speed and it never looks back.

Carson Ferris knows how to make a sublime single and we have seen it before. The songs come out polished and full of that trademark Carson charm. But what is surprising me is the sheer variation now available in his discography. Whether it’s country, pop, soul, or now a rockier tone, Caron Ferris rules the roost. With this amount of talent and that kind of power in the vocals, there is no telling just how far this superstar will go. It’s bold, but it’s ever so perfect. Keep it up! Carson Ferris’s singles keep getting better and I’m always excited to see what comes next.



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