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"Talkin' to You": Carson Ferris Transforms Everyday Fears into a Haunting Pop Soundscape

"Cover art for Carson Ferris' groundbreaking single, 'Talkin' to You'."
Cover art for Carson Ferris' groundbreaking single, 'Talkin' to You'.
Aged 13 and Unnervingly Talented, Ferris Crafts an Unexpected Halloween Anthem that Resonates on a Universal Scale

Crafting a Soundscape for the Heart's Darkest Fears

Halloween's ghosts and witches, despite their mythical aura, often fall short of conjuring the deep-seated fears that haunt the human psyche. Cue Carson Ferris' latest single, "Talkin' to You"—a raw excavation of the anxieties we dread but seldom articulate.

At only 13 years old, this Provo-based prodigy shuns the stereotypical Halloween lore of vampires and ghouls. Instead, he navigates the fear-ridden corridors of human emotion, laying bare the chilling yet universal dread of rejection. Produced for the Buzzards and Bees music festival, the track elevates the Halloween canon by speaking directly to our innermost fears.

A Departure from Boy Band Sensibilities

Carson Ferris' previous release, "1999," was a love letter to the boy bands and pop divas that reigned supreme during the late '90s. However, "Talkin' to You" heralds a significant departure, leaning into the rock-pop crossroads, somewhere between the Jonas Brothers and Ed Sheeran. Co-written with Michael Van Wagoner, the song adds a new shade to Ferris' evolving palette.

Masterminds Behind the Mixer

While the lyrics are gripping, the song's production merits its own standing ovation. Producer Mykyl and mixer Adam Turley craft an ambiance laden with eerie undertones, enhancing the unsettling theme. Carson's voice undergoes lower octave distortions, floating amidst instrumentation reminiscent of classic horror soundtracks. And yet, the track retains an infectiously danceable beat, delivered through Carson’s smoothly executed vocals.

Alt text for Carson Ferris' portrait: "Carson Ferris, the 13-year-old music prodigy from Provo, Utah."
Carson Ferris' portrait

A Star in the Making

Don't let his age fool you; Carson Ferris is a seasoned artist in the making. His journey began at a tender age of 6 with an electric guitar, culminating in laudable stints at Dave Wilbur’s Rock Lab in Orem and the One Voice Children’s Choir. Amidst the pandemic's constraints, Ferris took his talents to LA, releasing his single "Can't Be Without You," featuring Trinidad Cardona, in October 2021. Now focussed solely on his music due to a move to online schooling, Ferris frequently collaborates with Provo’s June Audio and producer Mykyl.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to fears, Carson Ferris knows how to capture them, not with extravagant tales of mythical beasts, but with the hauntingly relatable narratives of real human emotion. "Talkin' to You" is an uncanny mirror, reflecting our darkest fears in a manner that's as therapeutic as it is hauntingly beautiful. Next time Halloween has you contemplating the darker aspects of human nature, remember, the most harrowing monsters often reside within our very souls—and sometimes, confronting them is the first step towards exorcism.

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Pop

Mood: Emotional, Relatable, Danceable, Haunting, Uplifting

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