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CHIP PIRRS - No Motion


No Motion

New York, United States

‘No Motion’ by Chip Pirrs juxtaposes its title with good old high energy. Striking guitars, high-octane drums to catchy melodies combine to make this a striking single release for this Big Apple Artist.

The twee opening intrigued me into confusion, awe, and pure curiosity. As the piece develops you begin to wonder if this is really an indie rock track at all due to its infusion of twee, techno and industrial influences. Where does this song sit?

It becomes clear that there is an indie rock influence as the vocals emerge and the drumming begins. There is a beauty within the production that defies gravity leaving you feeling as though you are entering the future of fusion genres.

The lyrics of ‘No Motion’ address understanding oneself in order to reach one's goals leaving listeners firmly with a message to take away – If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.


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