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CHRIS IANUZZI - Lonesome Highway Superstar - LATEST RELEASE


Lonesome Highway Superstar

New York City, United States

New York-based self titled "Electronic Music Visionary" Chris Ianuzzi is a seriously cool artist. Breaking into the realm of modern day technology see this artist fly on a mission to create one of the best new artificial intelligence based music video that I have seen to date.

"Lonesome Highway Superstar" is the title of this post-punk, synth pop release which comes from Ianuzzi's latest expansive collection of works entitled 'Maze'.

The video release came out on November 4th, offering onlookers a collaboration between Ianuzzi, Ethem Serkan Sökmen, and İlke Köse using Disco Diffusion and Stable Diffusion AI image generation tools and techniques. Super exciting stuff right? Well, I've gone and got the link for you, so all that you have to do is click play!

A heavily experimental bubble of bass and melodic twee sounds create a distorted body of this production. The vocals hint at an eerie post punk grunge sound that lays nicely on the bed of mixed genre experimentations. The bass, something from the underground and the guitar, something from a distant universe. The twee sounds are highly intriguing and when mixed together with the rest of the audio and the video, this becomes and extremely compelling release from Ianuzzi.


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