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Wilkesboro, United States

Credit - Arnold Blum

Christine Greyson sets the standard for ominous, catchy and chillingly cool rock with their standout single, ‘Spider’. Christine Greyson uses synth, crunchy bass/guitar and sporadic percussion when presenting this deliciously dark track. The vocals harmonies and climb nimbly like a spider on a web, dangerous and graceful. ‘Spider’ also has some magnificent key changes and is an extremely interesting listen as well as being catchy as all heck.

The instrumental choice is what sets ‘Spider’ apart for me. Christine Greyson has picked a sublime blend of smooth synths, whining pads and crunchy drums. The high hat that sits to the left feels like a whisper in the night, someone stepping ever closer in a moonlit copse. The bass is what amazes me. A tone so decadent and deep, yet it keeps from blowing out the rest of the song, especially when we consider that the vocals are hitting precise and fragile harmonies, bringing to light the sounds of glass bells.

The bass doesn’t hold back and it is let loose for a bridge that showcases the instrumental and songwriting splendour that Christina Greyson is bringing to the Dark Rock/Goth genre. I for one would love to see more and more in this style as I feel it has never been done quite like this. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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