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CLICK RIGHT HERE - ORI DAGAN brings Swing and Jazz into the 21st Century




Toronto, Canada

Credit - Jen Squires





#Viruses whisks us into the jazz-influenced world of Ori Dagan. This track has several vocal switches including female backings, the smoothness of swing, and even Hip-Hop and spoken word! This track is absolute genius! The lyrics have both a serious and a satiric tone to them. #ClickedOnRomance talks about clicking on someone's profile and discovering that they clicked yours too. The swing element of this track adds something old-fashioned - 60s-influenced. The brass solos and drum solos make way for each other as they bounce between the energy of the other. This opens up the track to allow for a conversation where words aren't found. #MyFingerSlipped is very Frank Sinatra but with a twist - a jokey one. This track discusses accidentally calling someone - one thing that I love about this project so far is that it has specific stories and purposes to each lyric yet the execution is so funny. Is this a musician, a comedian? I think both! I love the looseness of the project. #WouldYouSwingMyWay? is another classic example of this! This is film music! If anyone is looking for a 60s soundtrack then #OriDagan is the man! #TheSocialMediaTango had me thinking of Strictly Come Dancing from the opening composition. As the vocals join in I couldn't help but smile. #HashtagWorld is a song that reminds me of a scene in a retro film where a woman is driving past shops, scarf on her head glasses on her eyes, and a boot full. It has such a shopping trip vibe to it. #GoingThatCounts(ForElla) is a track that is meant for musical theatre - Big band included. It's fun, sassy, and full of hidden conversations between instruments. The key solos are on point! #RebirthoftheCool takes the listener back into the smooth, Micheal Buble feels. In comparison to most of the previous tracks, #RebirthoftheCool offers a smoother feel in a less staccato production. #21stCenturyBlues continues the vibe in a slightly faster tempo in vocal performance. Again, a beautiful concoction of instrumentation is found in this piece. #Googleable closes the album and from the name alone intuition told me that the jokey side to #OriDagan was soon to be heard once more. One thing that I love about this project is the number of modern references in a not-so-modern composition. It's new, refreshing, and bold! Ori Dagan is a man that is meant for the stage! Of course, it's always important to credit those involved in a project and so here they are:

Jane Bunnett, Rebecca Hennessy, Nathan Hiltz, Attila Fias, Alex Bellegarde, Ben Wittman, Colleen Allen, Alison Young, William Carn, Andrew McAnsh, Jeremy Darby, Davor Jordanovski, Erik Flow and of course Ori Dagan


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