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Life Stories

Beirut, Lebanon

EDM needs more heroes. New sounds and new angles of inspiration that draw from worldly music. Well CMK Beats is here to take a swing at kinship and ruffle the feathers of EDM fans with his latest album, ‘Life Stories.’ It's an eclectic compilation of sounds that span the lands of Europe. Bringing together influences from techno to trace, all the way over to British house. You can hear it all through the lens of CMK Beats. But it's not just an amalgamation of sounds that you have heard before. ‘Life Stories’ features all new sounds and melodies that are born of CMK Beats, they are bright and happy, painting sunshine over the dance floor and brightening the darkest of days.

Thought the album there is a feeling of hope. It's what ties the songs together and turns the album into one that you could listen to over and over. Every track is a grand old time. ‘Life Stories,’ the initial and title track, is a blast of pure passion and colour. It works its way across the ocean leaving rainbow trails and picking up speed. It hits you with a beat that you can’t resist and a melody that has so much staying power it might as well be a tattoo. Instantly you know what CMK Beats is all about. The growth in his music is what makes it stand out from the crowd. You know EDM is going to start small and expand, but nothing manages it quite like ‘Life Stories.’

There are also windows of pure emotion on the album, something that can be dropped by a lot of EDM tracks. It's a great change of pace, to get a slower song into the mix without dropping the vibe. What happened to the days of the slow dance? Grab a partner and step, breathe a while between the oomphing 4/4 and the high hat that chatters in perpetuity. CMK Beats is bringing it back with tracks like, ‘I Miss You.’ It's slow but the beat is there, it grows and twists and turns and soon you’re lost in an EDM track with an outrageous am