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Code Seventy Three's "Live Once": A Call to Consciousness in Rock Form

Code Seventy Three's 'Live Once': Igniting the Rock Scene with a Powerful Anthem for Awareness and Action

Emerging from Ottawa's vibrant music scene, Code Seventy Three introduces "Live Once," a compelling rock anthem set to resonate deeply with fans of the genre. Released on February 9, 2024, this single encapsulates the band's raw, authentic energy and thought-provoking lyrics, marking the first of five singles scheduled for early 2024. The band, composed of Troy Shaver, Chris Cléroux, Pablo Robitaille, and Martin Lacelle, blends 90s rock, alternative rock, grunge, and hard rock into a sound that's both radio-ready and intellectually stimulating. It's a win-win!

"Live Once" owns its powerful narrative on indifference and complacency. With its hard-hitting rock foundation, the track is poised to captivate listeners with its urgent message and dynamic composition.

Code Seventy Three's sound is a product of its members' diverse influences and talents. Troy Shaver's basslines, Chris Cléroux's drumming prowess, Pablo Robitaille's guitar riffs, and Martin Lacelle's baritone vocals create a synergistic effect that's both captivating and distinctive within the rock genre.

The band has already garnered significant acclaim for their work, with positive reviews highlighting the distinctive vocals, powerful sound, and compelling storytelling. Critics draw comparisons to iconic acts such as the likes of Type O Negative and Danzig, praising the band's ability to blend intense energy with expressive vocals.

"Live Once" delves into themes of societal indifference and the urgent need for consciousness in a world facing numerous crises. Through their music, Code Seventy Three invites listeners to reflect on their role within the universe and to respond to the challenges of our time.

Following the release of "Live Once," fans can anticipate four more singles, each one promising to build on the band's sound and thematic exploration. Code Seventy Three is set to continue their musical journey, pushing the boundaries of rock while engaging with pressing global issues (and we all know that's needed!)

Genres: 90's Rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock

Moods: Anthemic, Provocative, Reflective, Energetic

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