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Cola Bay's 'Break Like Glass': A Bold and Fresh Indie Single with Attitude

Cola Bay’s ‘Break Like Glass’ is the kind of indie single you talk to all of your friends about. It’s bold, it’s fresh, and it has an attitude that cannot be matched in the modern pop scene. This tune is a fine blend of pop rock, 90s rock and some modern punk rock flavourings thrown in just for the hell of it (which, I might add, is the best reason to throw them in in the first place). There is a belting bass line from the onset, a set of drums sporting blood, sweat and passion. The guitars fall in overtop, clattering to the brink, bleeding on the edge of the melody as the vocal straps reins around it all and leads it like a frothing beast into the chorus. ‘Break Like Glass’ is a song that feels as epic as it sounds. It’s steaming hot — and it knows it.

Once the first rush of acceleration has you gunning it, the song falls into its blissful rhythms. The bass speaks to the drums as they crack in the darkness, the light reflecting off the guitars. You get a sense of the bands’ musicality, they’re not all loud noises and catchy riffs, there is a deeper ideal, something pure beneath it all. Cola Bay have pushed a single into the world that can speak for itself. Punky and grungy with a modern twist, it’s a rock sound that many will follow to the ends of the earth. Fantastic.



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