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Cristina Movileanu's "Full Moon" – A Celestial Odyssey in Poetic Storytelling and Soulful Melodies

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Cover Art: Artistic cover of Cristina Movileanu's single "Full Moon" featuring celestial imagery
Cover Art: Artistic cover of Cristina Movileanu's single "Full Moon"
Surrender to Sound: Let "Full Moon" Guide You Through a World of Dreams and Reflections

Sometimes, a certain lyric or phrase just clicks with you, you feel it, understand it, and feel understood by it. It's as though someone extracted your own memories. Cristina Movileanu's latest single, "Full Moon," is one such piece. It lures you into a world of poetic storytelling, one which is infused with strings and blanketed by its vocals.

Inviting listeners in, "Full Moon" weaves tales of dreams and shadows in a celestial adventure that encourages you to dream and reflect. The beauty here lies within the poetic songwriting which hands down takes centre stage within the piece.

The creation of "Full Moon" was a collaborative one in which Cristina worked with a team of musicians from a session website known as Musiversal. This included contributions from guitarist Vitaliy Tkaciuk, percussionist Joan Paolo Drumond as well as a string quartet via Red Lake Studio. The arrangement, crafted by Pedro Araújo elevates the track to new heights, while the mixing and mastering expertise of Bruce Allen ensures the song's potential.

Promo Shot: Cristina Movileanu
Promo Shot: Cristina Movileanu

The release of "Full Moon" follows Cristina's successful debut earlier this year with tracks like "River Rain," "All About You," and her captivating collaboration with rapper Michael Simpungwe (Makacha) on "Highway" in July.

If you're a fan of intricately woven folk and carefully penned lyricism then it would be beneficial for you to give this a spin. So, surrender to sound and let the full moon guide you through a world of dreams and get steaming.

Genre: Acoustic, Folk, Folk Pop, Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter (Acoustic), Trad Folk

Mood: Female Vocals, Irish Based, Nostalgic, Relaxing, Soundtrack, Pop, Contemporary Pop, Singer-Songwriter Band (Soft Band Sound), Easy Listening

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