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Bruno Mars' '24k Magic' meets The Weeknd's 'Can't Feel My Face' In D. Green's 'Gravitational Pull'

D. Green: Merging R&B Grooves with Dance Vibes in 'Gravitational Pull

D. Green, a New York City-born, LA-based songwriter, producer, and recording artist, continues to carve a niche for himself in the music world. Known for his collaborations with artists such as Skyzoo and DJ Green Lantern and for opening for the one and only J. Cole, D. Green brings his latest offering, with high stakes. 'Gravitational Pull', showcases D.Green's skill for uniquely blending R&B and Dance music for a commercial audience.

Cover art for D. Green's 'Gravitational Pull', depicting an engaging and stylish visual that embodies the song's smooth R&B and vibrant dance vibe.
Cover art for D. Green's 'Gravitational Pull'

With an opening reminiscent of Bruno Mars' '24k Magic' meets The Weeknd's 'Can't Feel My Face' there's no going wrong where 'Gravitational Pull' is concerned. It's funky yet smooth too, padded with the occasional vocal chops, oozing with sweet reverbed lead vocals and all the markers of a seductive classic. It's the dominant bassline, the smooth and spacious vocals, the velvet mix and all in between that make this such a treat.

I'm not going to ease my way into my verdict, I'm just going to go straight in because it deserves nothing less - Have I found a song that I will return to? YES. Why? Well, there's a true masterpiece to be found in the artistry of D.Green in which 'Gravitational Pull' perfectly captures. The essence of being attracted into a world of lust and dopamine, all dressed up in key synths, basslines, and soulful vocals is something that nobody with good music sense should or even could, ever deny. It makes you want to dance, but it can also make you want to light a candle and relax too. Let me tell you, I've done both simultaneously - how about you? What do you think? Is 'Gravitational Pull' within your orbit?

Genres: R&B, Dance, Easy Listening

Moods: Seductive, Smooth, Relaxing, Versatile

Promotional image of D. Green
Promotional image of D. Green

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