DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 14/10/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Oct 22


TREY EWALD - All My Friends Are Getting Married

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Ana Rodriguez

Kicking this week's top ten off we have the amazing Trey Ewald with their track ‘All my friends are getting married’. This Los Angeles artist has taken a topic that is on a lot of 90’s babies' minds and put it into an anxiety-inducing track. With the upbeat overall tone of the song, with the down-tone lyrics, there is a clear contrast that provides a feeling of almost smiling through the pain. With an amazingly catchy chorus and beautiful use of a dance-worthy beat, this track is one that can be played to help you not feel alone in your emotions.



PAUL VINSON - I Can't Go On (Without You)

Nashville, TN, United States

Credit - Gracie Heart

Next up is the stylings of Paul Vinson with their track ‘I can’t go on (without you)’ a track from their latest album release ‘Tunnel Vision’.

This track utilises simple deep guitar stums, with subtle cymbal heavy drum beats, but in an almost stripped-back manner, to create an emotional rollercoaster for the listener. Couple all of this with the gorgeous vocal runs Paul shares with us all and we are on a beautiful journey where Paul is carrying the weight of the song almost entirely on his vocal cords, and we are hanging on to every tone. This is an excellently produced track and I can’t wait to see what comes next.



REUE - Your Affect

Texas, United States

Next to bless us this week is the shock of a track ‘Your Affect’ by Texas artist Reue, pronounced “Roi-uh”, remember the name! It’ll be important when you go hunting for more tracks. This banger of an EDM/Techno track holds all the ingredients to have you moving on the dancefloor. With its hint of the ’80s ringing through this track will certainly fit the vibe for any party that needs to add a little extra-terrestrial or hypnotic vibe. With gorgeous soundscapes involving highs and lows, singular and filled segments the listener is taken on a ride! Entirely controlled by the beat of this track.



IRYS - Borderline

Berlin, Germany

Credit - VI productions

Fourth on the list for this week is Germany’s Irys and her track ‘Borderline’. This bass-heavy track hits the spot immediately. With its dark electro backdrop and dreamy pop vocals, this one leaves you intrigued and following every single word. The song kicks off with a guitar riff, that quickly becomes very familiar and keeps you on track with the backing track. As the song progresses, we are introduced to a deep prominent drum beat which when combined with the bass make allows for this to become a great chilled song to listen to, despite the uneasy feeling the darkness may make you feel.



MICK J. CLARK - This Moment

Croydon, United Kingdom

As the list goes on, we take a U-turn with Mick J Clark and his song ‘This moment.’ This gorgeous song is a super easy listen, with its guitar-heavy backing track and super sweet drum beat, and beautifully sung lyrics, this track is certainly one to play when you need to be reminded of love. From the introduction with dreamy drums through to the almost Latin guitar this track gives you a dancing on holiday with your loved one feel and I am here for that. When it’s hard to say goodbye because the love is so strong this is the track to play.



ALFIE JAMES - Neon Lights

SW London, United Kingdom

Next up we have London artist Alfie James, with their banger of a track ‘Neon Lights’. With its Synthesiser heavy beginning, this track does not fail to disappoint from the off. We are very quickly introduced to the iconic and classical garage beat, which adds flavour to get you moving up off your seat. Then in come the vocals! There is a play around here between the slower sensual female hook, with contrasting faster and male verses which keep the track interesting and flowing. I can see this being played in all the clubs' raves very soon and I can’t wait to be able to say I was one of the first to hear it.




Hamburg, Germany

Credit - Christopher Lau

Well, well, well, this one got me feeling some kinda way! Here we have the latest release from Hamburg’s Kaisa Rya and her sexually explosive release ‘Rough’. What starts out as a simple clap-based, deep bass-filled track quickly becomes a steaming hot single that’ll have you questioning your life choices. As the vocals come into play, we are introduced to a song that talks about the sexual inner demon of the artist and the intense desires that need to be fulfilled. Not only does this track cover such a sensual topic the backing track is skilfully produced allowing for it to be enjoyed in the darkness of the club amount the flashing lights!



EDDZ - What We Wish To See

Northampton, United Kingdom

Credit - Dammo Photography

Is anyone a fan of the Streets? Well, this Nottingham-based artist is just right for you. Eddz has released the track ‘What we wish to see’ with amazing vocal stylings akin to those of Mike Skinner. This beautifully formed track discusses the issues of trying to be perfect and how difficult that pressure can be on people. It covers the drama that comes with feeling like you are letting those around you down while trying to provide you with the advice that it is important to remember perfection is not always possible. With an awesome backing beat almost likened to the 80s in style, with a soothing layered choir-like chorus, this beautifully curator piece is sure to make it large, it is amazingly cultivated and was a pleasure to b able to listen to.



RØSES - Self Destructive

SF, United States

As we near the end of this week's offerings we introduce a nice chilled-out piece from the amazing RØSES the United States-based artist and their great new track ‘Self Destructive’ featuring some gorgeous synths, amazing flows, and super dance-worthy beats. The vocals on this track are extremely dreamy, and when as the song moves on, they are panned, and your senses are overloaded with the beauty of the production of this track.

This one utilises these amazing sounds to discuss the topic of the actions people want to take when there is a person they crave so much that they are ready to accept the toxicity and still chase it. I could have done with this track in the past and I am sure you’d do well with it now or potentially in the future!




Stockholm, Sweden

Seeing out this week's top 10 is an amazing piece from Swedish artist Penny and their electronic pop track ‘Crucial’. This magnificent piece has some beautiful panning, which when in headphones leaves you positively disorientated. It keeps you on your toes and hypnotised, holding on for the next segment. This track has some interesting soundscapes with a slightly dark and calming beat to it.

With an almost didgeridoo sound, gorgeous horns, and lock and key style beat this one leaves you feeling almost like a big cat on the prowl. This simple yet effective track is certainly unique and needs to be experienced to be understood.


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