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Dance - Top 10 - 15/04/2022




Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Jayden Becker

Gabriel Munoz is back with a bang! 'Don't Want Me' is a moody club track detailing the aftermath of rejection incorporated into a dance track that will definitely get you moving. It's fun in structure but somber in lyrics. Gabriel let us know that he "wrote this after a guy told me he didn't like me back, and it was therapeutic and empowering as hell. Hope you relate (and dance)!" and you know what? We felt it in both its pain and through dance. We love artists who incorporate their pain into art and this track has definitely done so. Be sure to stream it using the link below!



Katie Belle - Now That I Know

Atlanta Georgia, United States

Credit - David LaRochelle

American pop artist, musician and international model who appeared on American Idol Season 17 - Katie Belle is back with a brand new track! Opening with a staccato synth and emotive strings this track really conjured up my inner bad bitch (Some may say my inner psycho). This track has multiple credits including producer Josquin Des Pres, Songwriters - Josquin Des Pres, Craig Erwin, Jean Castel, Haley Morrissey. Aside from that, 2022 will find Belle focused on finishing up tracks written throughout the last year. Katie, an avid songwriter along with her producer Josquin Des Pres (Jason Mraz, Bernie Taupin, Gipsy Kings and Utonium Songwriting Team ( Jason Mraz ) are cooking up some heat for our eardrums this year so keep an eye out! We LOVE everything about this product and if you want to channel your inner bad bitch sass queen then go add it to your playlist



BTAV - Time For U 2 Go

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

BTAV is back with his release 'Time For U 2 Go'. It's an absolute house anthem resembling likeness to some of the old Chainsmokers songs, but more on the side of house. BTAV told us that his "goal is to have the vibe or melody stuck in your head and wanting to hear more." and we definitely felt that. He will be releasing a new single every month, so stay tuned! We've had a listen to some of his previous releases and we love the vibe. BTAV, Keep making great music! Add you lot, add this to your house playlists for a pop-inspired house anthem just in time for the summer!



KØASH - Dominoes

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Credit - Matthew Coe Photography

KØASH has released a great new song called 'Dominoes'. Caught between the 80s and contemporary pop, he brings these two diverse eras together to create his sound. 'Dominoes' is an afro-beat, 80’s infused pop song. Having developed a taste for singing and songwriting since his childhood, KØASH finally brings this all together with a culmination of future releases planned for early 2022 including his debut single "Dominoes" Produced by the Grammy-nominated Daniel Evans. There's a hint of Ollie Alexander meets JLS in the vocals of this track. Love it! Massive fan. Click the link below to hear it now! Show some love.



Lino cericola - Chi Ha Sbagliato Che Importa


Credit - Tamara_2.0_Photo

Immediately opening with high energy and an almost a reggaeton beat we're swiftly taken into our dreams of the summer! This track wouldn't be perfect on our holiday playlists (definitely listening to this in my build-up to my trip to Cuba this year). So, who is Lino Cericola? He is an solo electronic pop singer-songwriter who takes musical influence from his roots. Growing up in Battisti and Vasco, he told us that he tries to bring it into his music. More specifically stating that he brings the

"modern with the determination of Vasco, combined with the sweetness of Battisti". The track was made in Turin in the recording studio of his "trusted arranger Macs". Definitely one for your pre-holiday playlists!



Tazmin - Regret You

Worcester, United Kingdom

Tazmin has released her latest project 'Regret You' which is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Tazmin and dance music producer 5parks. The two paired up through a BBC collaboration generator and were consequently challenged to make a BBC Radio-ready track in one week, online, having never met before. To create this track within one week has got to be commended, so well done from us! The narrative is regret (as said on the tin) and highlights the difficulties of certain relationships. This message is portrayed along with an EDM bassline featuring several enticing tempo changes. Summer playlist? Stick this on repeat.



DJ Burrito Boy - r0llin

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Carrie West

DJ Burrito Boy is a house producer from Los Angeles, California. Following on from his debut release titled 'RAVE Act', he is now back again after a short wait with his latest release 'r0llin'. This track is a late-night house tune with a subtle tinge of hip-hop influence. Structured around a rolling vocal chop sequence, it builds into an energetic crescendo and has been described by early-access listeners as "something I'd want to hear on a Friday night as I'm getting ready to go out."We LOVED LOVED LOVED this release so we've decided to include it in our Top 10 Dance this week. Can't wait to hear more! In the meantime, make sure you check it out using the link below.



Emeye - Da Da (Hi There!)

London, United Kingdom

Emeye is back with their new release titled ‘Da Da (Hi There!)’. This is a catchy Tech House track, showing Emeye’s capability of layering sounds to create a banger for clubbing! This track opens with deep techno energy, the ultimate club track. I can hear this becoming a club anthem in Ayai Napa and Ibiza, definitely one for your weekend playlists if you're getting ready to go on a dirty night out! Full of repetitive vocal chops we get to know the feel of the track quite quickly. When asked, we were told that “It’s the carefreeness of a child living in a world full of duties. It’s the youth innocence translated in music” Want you want to free yourself from the stresses of a hard week at work with minimal vocals and full flavor techno, this is the track for you!



VinCrux - Get Up

Nagpur, India

'Get Up' is the production of Indian electronic music producer, Raosaheb Ramteke. Better known by his stage name "VinCrux" takes influence from different genres. His music composition style and sounds are influenced by artists such as Sting, Ben Bohmer, and Skrillex. This release celebrates the success mantra in Deep house and minimal techno style and we loved it! Go listen to VinCrux's latest work by clicking the link below. We can't wait to hear the development of his sound and wish him the best of luck in his creative endeavors.



BECCA ROGERS - 123 (feat. Joe Bills)

Washington, DC, United States

Becca Rogers is a songwriter, producer, and composer. Her release titled '123 (feat. Joe Bills)' is her debut single. Showcasing the feeling of love at first sight: the lyrics explore the feeling of yearning and desire when you see someone who you immediately fall for. A bright marimba synth creates a tropical, carefree, and confident feeling. This song is a euphoric summer anthem for anyone who wants to escape and dance with friends or maybe even a summer fling.


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