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DANIEL LERNER Paints a clear picture in latest EP #Decorator




New York, United States

New York-based artist #DANIELLERNER is back with his latest EP #Decorator, the indie folk follow-up to the previously released project entitled "There’s Something I Wanted To Say". Through his latest project, #DANIELLERNER followed his goal of creating a contemplative reflection on the idea of moving on and letting go whilst aiming to "go into new sonic territory.". Recorded in New York in the bedroom studio of the man himself saw all recorded and production content created solo with the exception of the piece" Scene of the Petty Crime" which sees a collaboration with Liam Kerekes (Drums) and, Graham Orbe (Bass) and additional mixing input from Eli Sokolow. The project was mastered by Joe Lambert.

#DANIELLERNER has a lot of notable achievements to date such as headlining and opening at Mercury Lounge, the Mondo NYC Festival & Showcase at Pianos, Bowery Electric, RockwoodMusic Hall, The Cutting Room, to name a few. I've also been featured on the Local Bops radio show (just to name a few...).

Taking influence from the likes of Elliott Smith, Wilco, Alex G, Lomelda, and Slow Pulp, #Decorator is a piece that the artist claims "wouldn't have been possible without time and distance from the relationship it was inspired by. The songs aim to look at relationships between 2 people from a variety of angles to create a whole picture."

#Decorator consists of 4 songs that are firmly rooted in acoustic instrumentation with a clear and impactful purpose to their lyrics. Opening the project is a piece entitled #Overture and wow doesn't it capture the attention of its listeners? From the swift heartbeat of the acoustic guitar the more soft rock elements we get a real sense of where the project is likely to lead in this introductory piece. The EP has a clear distinctive purpose following the principles below.

"Scene of the Petty Crime" - Acceptance

"Scene of the Petty Crime" addresses the tendency to walk away from a relationship whilst blaming the other person but then making the decision to accept that it's no one's fault in the end. The production itself rests upon the perimeters of acoustic folk, acoustic soft rock, and dream pop. The vocals here are beautifully sung along with layers where needed to lift the piece. This is a piece that offers listeners something upbeat yet relaxing and thought-provoking.

“Trinket,”- Recognition

In this piece #DANIELLERNER touches on the theme of recognition in the form of the role you have played in your past/present partner’s life. The lyrics portray the feeling that you are or have been "someone's background noise, their interior decorations, rather than an active participant in their life." This production is a lot more stripped back than the piece before it. Here we hear acoustic guitar, beautifully crafted layered vocals throughout, and sprinkles of dreamy synth-sounding electric guitar in the background. This piece allows listeners to drift off into #DANIELLERNER's world just in time for the theme of the next piece.

“Harvest the Moon.” - Reflection

"Harvest the Moon" is a self-reflecting and contemplative song, about wanting to be there for someone while also giving them space. In this piece, we can hear the beauty of rawness shine through. Discussing the true nature of love, this piece addresses analysis, questions, and answers to all that has passed in a relationship. This is another beautifully raw piece that will move the soul of anybody who hears it due to its honesty and relatability.

Could it be that these 4 tracks represent the four walls of a metaphorical home? Maybe #Decorator is a project that aims to clear out the old and make way for a new home interior? To cleans your soul, to create a new reality from lessons learned. This project definitely made me reflect due to the beauty of its rawness.

The songs themselves are gorgeous, perfectly carved to tell a story. What sets this project apart from many is the way that this has been executed in the most raw, honest and well thought out way. #DANIELLERNER is definitly an artist to keep an eye out for. - TAMARA JENNA - TJPL NEWS


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