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Darkmaterial Shakes Up the Rock Scene with 'Money and Fame'

Darkmaterial Cover Art for 'Money and Fame'
Darkmaterial Cover Art for 'Money and Fame'

The chase for wealth and recognition often overshadows the essence of human connection. This is something that Reading-based rock band DARKMATERIAL takes a stand with through the release of their latest single, "Money and Fame." This electrifying trackcements the band's position in the UK's alternative rock landscape whilst making commentary on societal values.

DARKMATERIAL is comprised of Ian Larsson (guitar and vocals), Joe Murrell (guitar and backing vocals), Oscar North-Concar (bass guitar and backing vocals), and Sam Sutton (drums and backing vocals). The synergy between these four musicians shows through their music both on stage and in the studio, where their shared passion for rock's greats fuels their creative fire and thirst for rock rich productions.

Paying homage to the broad spectrum of rock, DARKMATERIAL's sound draws inspiration from foundational British bands such as The Kinks and The Beatles, through to the heavy metal giants of the '80s - Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. Their influences don't end there either, no, they take it right through to modern rock luminaries such as Muse and Halestorm.

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Taking a mix of these influences, the band have embedded their own flair in the release of "Money and Fame" where they delve into the all-consuming desire for material wealth. "Money and Fame" doesn't hold back - it goes straight in with its gritty guitar riffs, heavy strums and hard rock vocals. It will transport you into the deep areas of the British Underground Heavy Rock scene. It's structured well, there's enough to go around but equally enough of the same to get familiar with. It's fun, it's dark, it's everything you can want from classic British Heavy Rock. You'll hear it creep in from every corner of the room. There's no escaping this one, it'll close in on you until you have no choice but to hear it.

In the words of DARKMATERIAL themselves, "Money and Fame" is an "absolute banger" – a testament to their skill, creativity, and the electrifying energy they bring to the rock genre. As they forge ahead, their message is clear: DARKMATERIAL is here to challenge, entertain, and inspire. So have a listen!

Genres: Alternative Rock, Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal

Mood: Anthemic, Powerful, Satirical, Dark, Energetic

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