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Wichita, United States

One artist from who I always look forward to hearing new music from is the ultra-talented powerful Hip-Hop/Rapper that is Dax. Dax has an undeniable talent, from the rawness and truth within his lyrics to his highly conceptual music videos. If you aren't familiar with Dax then, believe me, you won't look back once you discover his artistry.

The latest release from Dax holds a world of power within its one worded title - 'Depression'. The opening lyrics captivate listeners with their rawness and honesty. "I can't find myself, I get lost inside my brain, think I might need help, but I push all them away". As well as being thoroughly relatable and touching the way that Dax sings the full hook makes it easy to grasp every word (I know all of the lyrics already).

The song addresses the feeling of drowning in your mind, alone in the depths of hell and a clear perception of pharmaceuticals and therapy practices. 'Depression' is a song that everybody needs to get behind, it's not easy to open your heart out to the world but Dax does it every time in a way that has the potential to move the world.

So, make sure that you watch the video above and share, like, comment and subscribe! Let's make a #IMPACT now.


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