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Denni Ian's Latest Single 'Salt King': A Moving and Dark Masterpiece

Denni Ian 'Salt King' Cover Art
Credit - Denni Ian

Denni Ian is an artist. His paint is sound. His canvas is our collective minds. He paints with passion and purpose, and we create the image for ourselves. His latest single, ‘Salt King,’ is a moving and dark song that blends spoken word with solemn piano and high synth. The instrumental is warm, it cradles you and brings you closer. You feel safe. The words begin and you are with them, every step of the way. You follow their story, you get to know them. Then the world gets dark. You feel their struggles, you help them. But you can’t. All you can do now is pray for their triumph, a triumph you know will come. Because they are the ‘Salt King.’

I didn’t know what to do with this track at first. It took me away with it. I didn't move. It was like breathing poetry. Then, after a few more listens, I just got it. It clicked. Weird, wonderful and different. Denni Ian is an artist. ‘Salt King’ is a masterpiece.



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