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Dici's 'Day Dream' - A Mesmerising Urban Pop Sensation

Italian-born, Miami-raised urban pop sensation Dici has done it again with his latest single, 'Day Dream'. Released on 14th April under his own record label “DICI Records”, Dici showcases his signature dream pop-rap fusion. Synth sparkles and hypnotic drumbeats work together to create a soundscape for his sound to shine through.

With a ridiculously slick rap introduction, it proves impossible to not love the energy of the execution and the lyrics behind the mind of this artist. Hip-hop flourishes here and the lo-fi elements blend seamlessly with the pop production elements.

'Day Dream' captures the desire to escape feelings through daydreams but ultimately highlights the inability to shake this obsession.

With half Japanese heritage on his mum’s side, Dici continues to embrace his cultural roots in the accompanying music video, opting for a traditional Japanese aesthetic similar to his track 'Shibuya'. The professionally directed and produced videos on YouTube have amassed a staggering 4 million views, proving Dici's multi-talented artistry is a force to be reckoned with.

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