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#ElectricHigh make #WallsFallDown with their latest 5 tracks



*Electric High*

Bergen, Norway

Credit - Kjetil Tofte





#ElectricHigh bring walls down in their latest 5 track project. #WallsFallDown is a collection of intense heavy rock tracks that conjure up even the most dormant of energy. Opening with the the title track #WallsFallDown has a suspenseful opening. "Reason versus Rhyme" are the opening lyrics of the track - giving us a sense of something philosophical. As the track continues to develop we hear several switches in rhythm from heavy rock to slick guitar solos that are easy on the ear. The drum roll is a perfect accompaniment that adds suspense to the track. The vocals are a mix of heavy rock with a hint of REM. #WallsFallDown sets the bar high for the remainder of the project through its infectiousness. #RoughDiamond takes the project to a whole other level - something that I was not expecting. I had to add this one to the 'Tamara Jenna's Top Picks' Spotify Playlist for the sheer reason that there was no justification not to! The track implements funky guitar riffs that are undeniably catchy, showcasing the skill of the guitarists. The track is heavy yet fun - something that steers into something that would work in commercial pop as well as rock radio stations. So far, this band has showcased their versatility and diversity impeccably. #HaveIEverLetYouDown? opens with a melodic feel and the vocals remind me of the Band Queen in some ways. It isn't long before the heavy rock elements come to play though! The bassline is so cool. The track takes a minute to make way for a guitar solo before hinting at a crescendo. Damn. This has got to be a very close second place piece! #Fire! continues the amazing guitar riffs in a very 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' fashion. This band is incredible - so make sure you get familiar with them. This is a great mix of funk and rock that creates a RHCP meets Price piece. Making it very clear that "you asked for fire" I felt it and I think I need eyebrow replacement! Wow. #PopulateTheMoon takes things slow allowing for a very Pink Panther theme track feel in its walking bass. What I like about this production is that the drums are very understated in the opening verse. This allows for the bassline and subtle guitar solo to give enough room for the vocals to shine through. Again, the heaviness and distortion reappears in the hook to lift the track. This showcases a very different side to this band. I'm really impressed with the variety of heavy rock styles and implementation of other genres too! 'ElectricHigh is the PERFECT name for this band. Leaving the listener full of adrenaline #Electric high definitely show how #WallsFallDown in their latest project. I'm looking forward to hearing a lot more from the band! 10/10 all round here.



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