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Emeye X Hysterism - My Hero <3 - LATEST RELEASE

Emeye X Hysterism

My Hero <3

London, United Kingdom

Emeye is back with a brand new track entitled ‘My Hero <3’. Marking their third single, released by Courage Live this collaborative effort contains Hysterism, DJ and Producer and Emeye who have managed to solidify their artistic versatility together after meeting at a gig in Spain.

Romantic lyrics lay at the heart of this pop-dance production. 'My Hero <3' is a love letter to an unidentified person which addresses the concept of not knowing how to express feelings - the feelings between two people. Versatile, this song can relate to any two people from a friend or a lover and beyond.

'My Hero <3' is destined for radio play, DJ set lists, house parties, boat parties, gym sessions, dance classes, and bedroom raves. An absolute UK Chart Topper-ready production! Emeye X Hysterism, Remember their names Go get it! - TAMARA JENNA

The artwork, designed by RadamesInk stands out for its masks and mysticism making it clear that listeners won't know much about what to expect from the project. It's always a bonus and what I believe to be integral to a song to be able to appeal to just about everyone. - This project comes in the form of connectedness and reliability.


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