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Emker Cel's Third Album 'You Are Everything You Are': A Triumphant Blend of Personal Resilience

Cover art for Emker Cel's album 'You Are Everything You Are', reflecting the depth and diversity of Matt Kassell's musical and personal journey.
Cover art for Emker Cel's album 'You Are Everything You Are'
"Emker Cel's 'You Are Everything You Are': A Resilient Musical Journey Through Relationships and Self-Discovery"

In the world of music, where artistic journeys are often as compelling as the melodies they produce, Matt Kassell, known by his stage name Emker Cel offers something authentic to his own life experiences. This project is known as his latest auditory venture, 'You Are Everything You Are'. The 12-track album not only marks a new chapter in Matt's musical exploration but also stands as a testament to his resilience and artistic evolution despite the hurdles faced along the way.

'You Are Everything You Are' dates back to 2019, a period earmarked by Matt for fatherhood and family. Following the birth of his son, Matt's life took an unexpected turn with the onset of Covid, which severely impacted his health, confining him to his home and pausing his musical career.

The recording process resumed in 2022, which saw Matt collaborate with Dave Fox, a renowned soundtrack composer. Together, they laid down the foundation of the album at Matt's own Digital Man Studio.

So, what does the album entail? Let's go through it all together!

Promotional image of Emker Cel, capturing the essence of Matt Kassell's resilience and creativity in his latest album 'You Are Everything You Are'.
Promotional image of Emker Cel

'Breathing Out' will leave you feeling warm inside, dreamy and all consumed within its notes. From the acoustic guitar plucks to the subtle shakes of percussion through to the layered vocals, this sweet autumn feeling song is one that sets the album off to a great start.

'Wrong Side Of Town' is completely different. Infused with indie rock drum patterns and scaled guitar riffs, the opening minutes feel like a mini intro before the main body of the piece. Expect dominant basslines and guitar strums all the way. Oh, and Blues influenced riffs too!

'This Is How We Breathe' feels cinematic at the start. An influence of electronic synth rock combines with 80s style rock vocals to create something uniquely Emker Cel. The song grows, progressively with layers of vocals and instrumentation. Again, expect a strong bassline here.

'Face The Music' airs indie rock through and through. Ringing similar to compositions of the Arctic Monkeys, ‘Face The Music’ channels early 80s analogue synth-era with a twist.

Talking about the next track, 'Not My Enemy' Emker Cel says that "it was inspired by lockdown, and discusses the relationship you have online with people, strangers or otherwise, and how that particular form of communication is flawed - it’s so easy to be misunderstood and fall out with people, when you’re actually in agreement with them!”

'Battle' has an air of Snow Patrol about it, it's calm, yet progressive, it's soft yet it has the grit of U2. It's the 80s and 90s through and through. Lyrically, the words speak of moments

between a loved one and their abusive past.

Speaking of relationships, the following track 'Death Of Dreams' keeps to the theme, this time in exploration between people and government. Inspired by 90s trip-hop, listeners can expect something different midway through the album.

'Data Loss' Data Loss’ features experimental stereo-drums and sound collage to create something sonically experimental yet familiar. Drum rolls and bassline - Rock and Roll. Other relationships explored include the connection between individuals and the pressures of society - in fact, you'll find that in the following track 'Goodnight Everyone'. Be prepared to get lost in dream pop vocals and catchy drumming.

The title track 'You Are Everything You Are' offers up some smooth jazz - unexpected but welcomed with both arms. It's a nice soft rock meets jazz number containing slick solos and an escape from the pressures of life.

‘Understood' continues to offer more to the album. It builds, it drops, it switches and changes but what remains the same throughout this song is the power pop influence. Closing with 'Uninvited Guests', Emker Cel continues along the theme of power pop, this time on a bed of grand piano and the freedom of the waves.

Overall, 'You Are Everything You Are' is a solid album, with twists and turns one wouldn't necessarily expect. From 80s rock to the true grit of indie rock, through to jazz and ending with power pop. It has a little something for fans of soft rock everywhere.

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