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EP REVIEW - ALBA JAMES - Bedroom Walls


Bedroom Walls

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit - Alba James

Bedroom Walls is the first EP from the up-and-coming artist Alba James and it is intimate and heart-warming. Giving us six tracks that she wrote and produced in her bedroom, is pretty impressive! The lyrics throughout the EP are rooted in emotions and inner thoughts expressed in a creative way that shares the raw and real topics of depression and de-realization with a unique music style, a combination of Folk ballads and Orchestral pieces that are based on the talents of the young artist's favourite instrument, the creation of musical beauty… the ukulele. Bedroom Walls begins ever so soft and elegantly with a 44-second intro track called ‘Pass’ thus starting with a simple soft sweet strum of the ukulele along with gorgeous angelic harmonies. This is a lovely warm welcome to the EP and I truly admire it. Gracefully following ‘Walls’ is incredibly gentle and delightful creating a calming atmosphere with the sweet sound of the ukulele. I feel this song connects to the topic of depression where one isolates themselves in a dark state but a safe space, between the walls of your bedroom that you decorate for comfort and distraction. ‘Sllaw’ is short and sweet but unforgettably, the vocals are absolutely mesmerising, with a light dreamy tone that truly captivates you with its uniqueness as we hear washes of the ukulele boldly strumming in the back allowing the vocals to be the forefront. ‘Lighter Than Snow’ follows on with the slow smooth steady sound of the ukulele creating a soulful sway. Alba’s vocals are truly passionate with a whispery tone as well as expressing vocal ranges with a little more power. The backing harmonies are undeniably gorgeous and give the song such a full impact in a delicate, divine, and desired manner. The penultimate track ‘That Special Place’ has a somewhat spoken diary piece as the intro that I believe describes the special place thus giving the song an extremely personal touch which I adore! This song is only 1 minute long yet is heartfelt which connects to us listeners, as the vocals fade the orchestra carries the rest of the track, the beautiful sound being so absorbing you float with the music and think of your special place, this I think is sweetly intended by the artist for her listeners. The finale track ‘Tired’ is a song that connects personally to its listeners with an honest expression of depression in a soothing tone, thus I think is truly incredible and captivatingly creative. The ukulele lightly strums starting the track and Alba beautifully reaches to us with descriptive and intimate lyrics, the vocals are magnificent and hold a gentle charming tone with harmonies that are bewitching. ‘Bedroom Walls’ is heavenly and incredibly artistic! Alba James is truly unique and breathtakingly talented, all six tracks are gentle yet powerful with a stunning delicacy, the ukulele gives us a sweet light essence that brightens the deep, intimate, passion-filled lyrics. The EP in its entirety is a beautiful work of art!



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