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EP REVIEW - CHOLLY - The Daydream



The Daydream

High Wycombe, United Kingdom

Cholly AKA Chloe is a singer and producer that goes by the stage name of Cholly, a cute nickname that stuck and makes this talented artist uniquely stand out. Cholly likes to experiment and create different sounds making her music out of the ordinary and amazing! 'The Daydream' is a combination of upbeat and subdued songs with a feel of "wanting to be somewhere else" throughout its entirety. This EP 'The Daydream' is short, sweet, and soft holding 5 phenomenal tracks, that are giving us a fantastic taste of cinematic Electronic Pop that is imaginative and astounding. The first track 'The Daydream' is a light and bouncy instrumental piece with a combination of extraordinary Electronic Pop sounds and slight use of an 8bit synth creating that dreamy effect. This is a fantastic start to the cinematic collection. This influential track is to represent the daydream and I believe it does that effectively and beautifully. 'Are You Real' is the perfect follow-up track with a mellow dramatic intro before picking up the vibe with upbeat tones. The vocals are innocent sounding with a soft whispery register this sweetly suiting the floaty, fun, and fabulous vibe created by electronic beats and high synth swells and I believe it expresses perfectly to those of us that often daydream. 'MAD' has eclectic sounds that actually reminded me of the old classic banger 'Sweet Like Chocolate' with its bold, brilliant, and bouncy beats that are styled with electronic funk, making you just want to jump around and dance like no one is watching. Cholly’s vocals are absolutely divine, singing with a light, breathy and graceful tone. However, the song does share with us the negative side of daydreaming as she expresses how it can interfere with reality far too often. 'Trash TV' I believe is the track that really shows us Cholly's delicate and delightful voice. This is a super upbeat tune you can dance to and vibe to! But although this tune is an absolute bop, there is sadness behind its happy tone. This song represents obsessing over the good things, the things you enjoy as you continue to avoid the bad things in life. The finale track is 'The Swimming Pool' which leaves us wanting more! Cholly's vocals throughout this track carry more depth while still sweetly exquisite, with lyrics that are easy to follow as we sing in a floaty aura created by the cinematic sounds that are light and whimsical with an airy tone. I truly admire the lyrics and the meaning behind this song as it perfectly expresses the comedown from the daydream, getting back in touch with your emotions, and facing life, the good and the bad. I find this ending track truly inspirational and hopeful. 'The Daydream' EP as a whole is pure perfection! I believe each unique song reaches out and connects to its listeners with an understanding, making this a dreamy listen whilst thought-provoking. It is very individual and truly creative, with an eccentric tone that leaves you besotted!



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