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Swedish Rock Band 'Repeat' Drops Debut Single, Announces Self-titled Album Coming this October

Repeat: A New Player in the Stoner and Alternative Rock Scene

Repeat Band Single Cover Art

When you hear the name "Repeat," don't let the moniker fool you. There's absolutely nothing monotonous about this newly formed stoner rock/alternative rock band hailing from the heart of Sweden. With their debut single 'Repeat' and a self-titled album on the horizon, this Stockholm-based outfit is on a fast track to carving out a distinct space in the rock music landscape.

Founded by the experienced Torbjörn Hallberg, whose guitar riffs and vocals reverberate with emotion, and Johan Holmberg, formerly of the renowned Swedish ska rock band Liberator, Repeat is anything but a one-hit wonder. Rounding out the trio is Mattias Belin, whose bass undertones give depth and volume to their explosive tracks.

Echoing Innovation

According to the band, the single 'Repeat' encapsulates the very essence of their sonic ideology—a mix of stoner rock and alternative rock, brimming with repetitive riffs and lyrics. This complex concoction aims to extend its appeal beyond stoner rock and desert rock fans, reaching into the hearts of anyone who finds solace in alternative rock's soulful expression.

"Repeat aims to offer a unique, short, and explosive experience, emphasizing repetitive, aggressive songs," says the band. This innovative approach flies in the face of conventional stoner rock, adding a modern, alternative twist that renders their style not just progressive but groundbreaking.

Band members of Repeat

When Repetition Becomes Revolutionary

Recorded and produced by Joakim Lindberg at Studio Sickan in Malmö and mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios in Stockholm, the upcoming self-titled album, slated for release on October 6, promises to be a veritable feast for the ears. The ensemble describes their music as a blend of "loud, fuzzy guitars, rumbling bass, and aggressive yet stiff drums."

In a world where variety is often seen as the spice of life, Repeat brings a different kind of seasoning to the table. Through their repetitive yet emotionally charged compositions, the band makes a case for the potency of simplicity—how a repeated riff or a recurring lyric can worm its way into your soul and stay there.

Wrapping Up

"Repeat" isn't just the name of a band or a single; it's an invitation to rediscover the power of rock music in its various forms. As we eagerly await the release of their self-titled album, one thing is clear: Repeat is an act that will make you want to hit "repeat" on their tracks, but never on the emotions and thrills they provide.

So mark your calendars for October 6, because Repeat is set to redefine what stoner and alternative rock can be. They're not just a band; they're a musical revolution in the making.


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