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London, United Kingdom


Credit - Frida Fang




28-year-old London-based #StefanDando released his latest track entitled #LoveDoesntNeedMe on 20/05. This pop/rock banger speaks of the turmoil that the artist went through when ending what he calls "a bad relationship". The track expresses the feeling of wanting to reconcile with a previous lover but knowing very well that it isn't the best thing to do. This week I got into a discussion with #StefanDando to find out all the exclusive bits behind the making of the track. Below you can find highlights of our exclusive *Backstage Pass* interview and the link to have a listen to the song as you read through! So, let's get into it!




How long did it take for you to complete the track start to release?

Well the recording process was just two 5 hour ish sessions but I started writing this song about 2/3 years ago. I came up with the chorus and then it just sat on my phone as a voice note for about 6 months. I think I finished the whole song in a couple days when I finally reviewed it. It's been a long time coming.

In the past, you've stated that your musical influences range from Panic! at the Disco, John Martyn to Fleetwood Mac, what elements stand out to you in particular?

Well I basically wanted to sing like Brendon Urie growing up so I was obsessed with the band. It's mostly their album Pretty Odd that influenced this track. Notably Northern Downpour with building production. You won't see much of John Martyn's influence on this particular song, perhaps in the lyrics but it's mostly his guitar playing. You'll definitely see it in future songs. Fleetwood it's got to be the song writing those guys have written some of the most well crafted songs of all time. Everyone should study their work honestly.

I believe that you recorded ' Love Doesn't Need Me' at 121 Studios with producer Andre Mesa? How did you two get in contact?

I met Andre when I was the guitarist for another singer who was thinking of working with him. That never panned out but I reached out to him a couple years later, he remembered me and the rest is history.

Do you play any instruments?

I do, I play the guitar, the piano in a very basic way and I'm an extremely average bass player. I used to play the clarinet a long long time ago.

If you could go back 10 years what would you say to yourself?

Nothing matters when you die so forget about success. Just be happy.

How do you see yourself as an artist? Is there a particular achievement that you'd like to attain?

I see myself as I am, I believe everyone is already the artist they're supposed to be regardless of fame. I would like to be able to make a decent living making music though.

and lastly, what would you say to artists like yourself who are just starting out?

Remember your goal should be to make great music, everything else is a bonus



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