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'Falling Stars' by De Antiquis et Novis - A Hypnotic Fusion Creates The Ultimate Dance-Pop Hit.

A fun blend of pop and electronic music– there is so much to love in ‘Falling Stars’.

The ultimate dance–pop hit, there is a careful craft of beats and pop synth that produces the most colourful textures. I can see this being played in any party environment, as it has a free and danceable rhythm that can be loved by everyone. The predictability is what makes this the perfect, feel–good track. It incorporates all the essentials of dance–pop, with a repeating rhythm, distinctive beats and groovy synth! You will feel yourself becoming immersed in the track’s sunny vibe, losing yourself as the beats take over and you have no choice but to dance.

‘Falling Stars’ takes you on a hypnotic experience of high energy and unforgettable beats. Make sure to add it to your playlist today!



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