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Up At Dawn

London, United Kingdom

What better way to relax than listening to some soft rock with an indie pop twist? Well, you're in luck! London based Fat Cat Affair and Clay Agnew have exactly that with their latest release 'Up at Dawn'. This gentle on the soul song comes in the form of a ballad that holds the narrative of waking up with a loved one.

'Up at Dawn' instantly stands out as a Charlie Puth style production due to its silky vocals and range. The instrumentation offers long gaps in between guitar plucks to bring listeners into a subtle acoustic pop meets funk feel. As the piece begins to progress the guitar and vocals are joined by a classic ballad style piano piece that perfectly enhances the dreamy nature of the lyrics.

The song seems to grow and grow as it goes along - something that keeps the attention of the listeners throughout. I think that this song has a lot to offer especially with its backing vocals and harmonies that come into the mix in the second half of the production.

A solid piece with an amazing tone - definitely a song to be heard! 10/10 for vocals, feel and entertainment. Everybody welcome Fat Cat Affair to this week's Ones2Watch! - TAMARA JENNA

Why not check out their website here after listening to the track


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