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Dylan Tauber - He Loves Carmen

North, Israel

Credit - Dylan Tauber

Dylan Tauber is emerging as one of the most exciting, consistent, and cerebral electronic producers in the game. Crossing every digitally created genre, into an indescribable dream of colorful electronica, Tauber’s music dips and bleeds into an ambient, chill, lounge, trance, electro, as well as the deep melodic house. His latest album release, inspired by his girlfriend, is entitled, “He Loves Carmen”. Across the 14-track duration of the recording,

there is a lot going on.

The album begins with a progressively warm and atmospheric vibe with 'You Are Never Alone'. Full of cinematic synths and Middle Eastern-inspired vocal chops, I was in my element with this one given my Middle Eastern roots. The next track 'Love is All That Exists' seamlessly flows on from the prior track, full of relaxing windpipe synths, an RnB-inspired drum loop, and again, the slow and atmospheric vocal chops are present in this one too. 'I Love Carmen' gives us a different vibe, more of a twee feel to the melody with female vocals that give this track more of a pop/EDM vibe without taking away from the slower tempo. This was a really interesting piece in the way that it incorporates several elements of several genres. This is a talented and skillful producer. Keeping to the EDM vibe 'Don't Tell Me' is a house track full of bass, the classic synths, and TrapSoul vocal chops with a chilled house/funky house feel to it. Track 5 titled 'Soulmate' takes us into a darker feel, similar to that of The Weeknd's earlier works. 'I love You' experiments with twee sounds again bringing a likened energy to 'Love Carmen' before introducing a funky bassline that embeds itself in your brain. This album has a mindful feel to it through the use of frequencies and the main use of vocal chops rather than full lyrical content. 'Let It Go' brings you back to the 80s with its funky synth progressions. I really love this album so far. 'I Am A Mirror' brings us chillwave again with woodblock, distant vocal chops, and a muffled bassline. I think this album will be on my long journey playlist for a long time. A must for reflective periods. 'All I Want Is You' brings us back into the current day before bringing us to 'Light Warrior' a track with more lyrical content with an EDM - Pop feel. Track 11 'The Sky is Alive' brings a heavier feel with the absence of vocals. 'There Are Angels Everywhere' opens with a dominant Hip-Hop beat which is accompanied by the signature sound found in the rest of the album. The penultimate track titled 'I Miss You' is one that brings a Zara Larson ft MNEK 'Never Forget You' vibe before arriving at the end of this masterpiece with 'I Love My Father'. This track has a dark RnB feel to it, something that I love. To round this up, Dylan Tauber is a skillful master of his sound, with a feel to his productions that have the versatility to fit in pretty much anywhere. Whether you're on a long journey, in the club, or studying this is an album you definitely need to hear. Use the streaming link below to hear it. 10/10 from T.


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