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Fox Evades

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom


Credit - Charlie Bland Photography




'Nothing but Our Dreams' is the debut EP from Lincolnshire-based artist 'Fox Evades'. The project contains six tracks, two of which are brand new and unreleased, and boasts radio play on BBC Introducing for the four already released pieces. I was intrigued to hear more based on the title alone so I decided to reach out to Fox Evades to do a track-by-track review. Below you can find my thoughts on 'Nothing but Our Dreams' and find the link to the project. So let's start then...





'Nothing but Our Dreams' is a 6 track project by Fox Evades. Track 1 entitled 'Strange Forever' has a real soft rock/surfer rock feel about it through the soft use of lead guitar, drums, and bass guitar. As the vocals come in they enhance the vibe even more. The vocals are mixed to perfection along with the instruments and the vocal adlibs work really well to create a dreamy track from start to finish. Track 2 called 'Bira' has a slow-burning opening that gradually lifts the listener into the main body of the track. The bass riff is funky and rememberable. As the vocals join into the mix we're given something reminiscent of pop and soft rock in a whirlwind of sweeping vocal layers. This effect on the vocals works wonders. The third track named 'Hibernate' takes a different turn. We're given the same dreamy nature through the instrumentation and the effects used but we hear a sad element to this artist both through lyrical content and the composition of the instrumental. This track is full of reflection on younger times and the power of man. The effects on the vocals and the use of layers work really well and are mixed perfectly within the track to create something sonically moving to the mind of the listener. The break between vocals allows for deep reflection. 'Hibernate' is a catchy and reflective piece that you won't forget in a hurry. Lifting the energy of the project, 'Someday' brings a happier tone through the use of instruments without compromising the dreamy feel of the artists' vocals. The penultimate song 'I Could Have Died Right There' brings similar energy but the vocals tell a story that gives the listener the story of heartbreak. Closing the project is a track called 'Born to Sleep'. This song is stunning. Acting as a lullaby this production gives the perfect ending to a reflective project. Fox Evades is an artist who not only has a deepness to their artistry but also knows exactly how to bring those feelings to the forefront of artistic expression. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these 6 tracks. A mindful, well-put-together reflection that everyone can enjoy no matter the mood. This is a 10/10 project. Make sure that you click the link below to hear it for yourselves.



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